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CLUTCH BASKET - Max 50% Baltimore Mall OFF 2008-10 RMZ450 Pa WISECO WPP3049 Manufacturer:

CLUTCH BASKET - 2008-10 RMZ450 WPP3049, Manufacturer: WISECO, Pa


CLUTCH BASKET - 2008-10 RMZ450 WPP3049, Manufacturer: WISECO, Pa


Product description

Clutch basket forged from lightweight, high strength, certified aerospace grade aluminum alloy Wiseco's CNC machining process produces each clutch basket dimensionally the same as the next Greater strength due to aligned grain flow Weight reducing relief cuts on the outside diameter of the clutch basket reduces rotational mass, which lowers the centrifugal force acting on the clutch basket and increasing overall acceleration of the engine Large oiling holes in the clutch basket tangs increase lubrication, reduce heat build up and reduce weight Supplied with high quality fasteners complete with pre-applied thread locker for a secure grip during assembly Reduced rotational mass for quicker revs; large oil passages for added lubrication and reduced operating temperature Hard coated anodized for an ultra tough, abrasive resistant surface ensuring a long life of smooth clutch operation through the elimination of wear on the sides of the clutch basket tabs Teflon coating seals the clutch basket to create a near frictionless surface for the clutch disks to glide uponSupplied with fasteners with pre-applied thread locker Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty Note: Part # 316-2175 and 316-2131 include cushions. Part # 316-2129, 316-2139,�and 316-2176 include kick start gear.

CLUTCH BASKET - 2008-10 RMZ450 WPP3049, Manufacturer: WISECO, Pa

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